for a luxurious and relaxing moment in your day?

Do you long to be pampered?

Wish you could turn back the hands of time?

All of these are possible with a Belavi Face and Neck Treatment!
Our face, neck, and shoulders hold a tremendous amount of stress
that wears heavily on the muscles in those areas.
The Belavi treatment offers a very specialized massage and
acupressure that can bring great relief to those muscles through
relaxation and toning.
Clients notice a difference after one session, not only in feeling
very relaxed but in their muscle tone!

If removing a few years from your face is your goal, then receiving
the treatments two or three times per week for two to four weeks,
depending on the elasticity of your skin, will give you unbelievable
results, much like a surgical facelift!
Then follow-up sessions once or twice a month will keep you
looking great for many years!

Call today to set up a session. You'll love it!